Toy Story Hotel Shanghai Review: Fun for Kids and Adults

by JessnDee | 7 March 2018

My husband and I had a business trip to Shanghai in December 2017. Since my daughter always came with me in all of my trips, we decided to go to Disneyland Shanghai for a few days before our meeting and chose to stay at Shanghai Disneyland Hotel.

As I was arriving at 10 PM in Shanghai, I needed a 1 night accommodation before I move to Disneyland Shanghai Hotel. I will be staying at the Concierge Room in Disneyland Shanghai so it does not make any sense to add another night as I will miss the Happy Hour and the Bedtime Story by the time I arrivedin Shanghai. I chose Toy Story Hotel as it is still located in the Park. Overall, I am so glad I stayed here!



I booked the lowest category room at Toy Story Hotel, Garden View Room, through Disneyland Shanghai Resort website. There is only one price on the website and it actually does not fluctuate as the date become closer.

You can alternatively book it through However, the price is cheaper booking through Disneyland website and the rate is refundable if you cancel it 52 hours before the check-in date (i.e. 3 days before the check in date). The downside is you have to pay the full amount once you book.

One thing to note is that sometimes Disney’s confirmation email does not get through your email. In my case, I was using gmail and they said that their email sometimes cannot be received through gmail. So I have to give them my work email and I have the confirmation on paper.

I called in their reservation line and asked if my baggage can be transferred between Toy Story Hotel and Disneyland Shanghai Hotel, they said that I have to transfer them myself. In reality, they actually transfer it for me and the process is pretty smooth. I find my luggage waiting for me in the room when I checked in at Disneyland Shanghai Hotel.


Toy Story Hotel is located in Disneyland Shanghai Park. In terms of distance, it is actually closer to the Park than Disneyland Shanghai Hotel. However, you only get a bus shuttle to the Park, whereas Disneyland Shanghai Hotel gives you a choice between bus and ferry through the lake, which has a gorgeous view of the Park during the ride. The bus station is pretty far from the Park, whereas the ferry is closer.

I took a taxi to reach Toy Story Hotel, but since the park is relatively new, the driver did double check the location again to make sure the hotel is within Disneyland Shanghai Resort. The ride was about 30 minutes from the airport.

Check In

When I arrived at Toy Story Hotel, it was close to midnight. There was nobody to greet at the lobby, and some housekeeping staff was vacuuming at the lobby.

My daughter, who was having a fever, was really excited when we arrived at the “cardbox” hotel. She immediately bee-lined to the TV area, which is showing Toy Story movie, and stationed herself there throughout the whole check-in process.

At the check-in counter, the Cast Member greeted me and made me feel relaxed after a stressful plane ride with a sick child. He informed me that we were upgraded to a Courtyard Room.  Then he proceeded to give me a welcome packet that contained a map of Toy Story Hotel, a map and information of Disneyland Shanghai Park. He double checked my request for a bed guard, or bedrail, and noted my next stay at Disneyland Shanghai Hotel. All in all, the check in process is smooth and the Cast Member was warm and friendly exuding the extra Disney magic quality.

Since there is no porter at sight, we brought the luggage ourselves to our room. I do not know if this is the norm or because we arrived very late.



There are two wings in Toy Story Hotel – Buzz Lightyear and Woody wings. We got the Woody wing so the floors has a cowboy theme and we had a view of Woody statue on the courtyard.

All Toy Story Hotel room is themed as Andy’s bedroom. My room came with 2 double beds. So that my husband can sleep on one bed and I can sleep on another bed with my daughter. The double bed is sufficient for 2 people and the bed is pretty comfortable for a moderate Disney resort.

The Housekeeping staff, 5 minutes later, came in with the bed rail. She put the bed rail in and even translate what to not do with the bed rail on her phone for us (impressive!). The bed rail is quite sufficient for the use, but topple easily so she said not to push against it.

There is a small table with two chairs on the corner. The table is quite useful for me as I grabbed a quick breakfast at Sunnyside Market and ate in our room since my daughter’s fever has not yet gone down.

There is an open closet near the room entrance, which has Toy Story themed laundry bag, kids and adult slippers. My daughter found additional slippers on the cabinet below the television.

The bathroom has sufficient space. It has Toy Story themed curtain. There are adorable Toy Story papercups for kids and adults in the room.

There is also Toy Story themed amenities box that has kids toothbrush and toothpaste inside along with cotton buds, cotton pads and shower cap.

I was pleasantly surprised that Laundry Detergent is provided because I forgot to bring mine (you do need detergent for traveling with kids, just in case!). Just to show you how Disney has think through everything!

Basic amenities, like adult’s toothbrush, soap, shampoo and conditioner are also provided.

What I love most staying at a Disney hotel is that they are catered towards kids and they have think through what kids would be needing staying in the hotel, including a bathmat provided in the bathroom in case we needed it.

The view from our room in the morning – Green Alien on a spaceship in the courtyard, and a glimpse of Woody.



Unfortunately, Toy Story Hotel has no swimming pool or fitness centers. They do have a kids club, which is complimentary, called The Play Room. It is located in the Basement near the Sunnyside Market & Café.

There are two options if you want to eat in Toy Story Hotel – Sunnyside Market and Sunnyside Café. They are next to each other.

Sunnyside Market is a grab-and-go deli with yogurt, sandwiches, salads, buns, pastries, cakes as well as beverages.

It is also the place that sells Shanghai Disneyland’s favorite snack – Mickey Pork Flaky Pastry. Although it is slightly underwhelming for my taste.

For me, Sunnyside Market is a perfect breakfast option especially if you want to go in the Park early, and do not want to waste time eating breakfast in the morning.

There is also a buffet breakfast at Sunnyside Café. Since my daughter is sick in the room, I did not get to try this.

This is the breakfast options in the buffet area.

Although later on the day, I entered the restaurant in order to see Buzz Lightyear. The dining room ceiling is decorated with Toy Story Characters.

I love strolling through the hotels as there were pictures and installations from the movies.

Check out Toy Story’s Christmas tree. (My favorite for the year!)

There are also Toy Story Characters appearance around the hotel. Check out their time of appearance at the Front Desk.

There is a shop that sells Disney merchandise on the lobby.

The hotel provides regular bus shuttle to Disneyland Park, Disneyland Hotel and Metro Station. It runs every 10 minutes.


Contrary to some reviews that mentioned Disneyland Shanghai Resort’s indifferent attitude, I found the service to be excellent. When I was roaming around the lobby aimlessly in the morning, a few Cast Members actually asked me if they can help me with anything. During check out when I asked if they can send my luggage to Disneyland Hotel, they immediately assisted me.

Also, the amount of Cast Members in the lobby in the morning to assist with anything is a lot more than any other hotels I have been to.

I was really glad when they allowed me to check out at 2 PM since my daughter is still sick and napping. So those small things actually count in making my Disney experience magical.


Holiday Mulu Opinion

Toy Story Hotel is a terrific option if you want to go visit Disneyland Shanghai Park. The service and the room is comfortable enough to warrant the price. This hotel will be a big hit with children as the hotel is more fun, compared to the Disneyland Hotel.

However, if you are looking to spend a day at the hotel to enjoy, you will find the hotel lacking in facilities, such as swimming pool or other dining options.

Overall, I enjoyed my stay so much. I would stay here again in a heartbeat as the hotel brings even adults like me back to my childhood, or even if I need just a place to sleep when I need to spend the whole day in Disneyland Shanghai Park.

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