Thai Airways: Global Sale to Europe and Asia!

by The Wandering Baldy | 20 February 2018

(Holiday Mulu cannot guarantee the availability of flights in the deals we share as the availability of seats at these prices constantly changes. Often, not all dates are available and requires some research to find cheap dates. If we notice any patterns on when the cheap dates are, we will write it down in the Promo Breakdown below.)


Date of Issue: until 25 Feb 2018

Date of Travel: 1 May – 30 June & 1 Sept – 30 Nov 2018

Buy from: or a travel agent

Departing from Jakarta


Best prices (Nett)(Return PP)


Economy Class

Bangkok – IDR 3.328.000

Phuket – IDR 3.985.000

Mumbai – IDR 4.663.000

Colombo – IDR 4.935.000

Guangzhou – IDR 5.382.000

Beijing & Shanghai – IDR 6.345.000

Moscow – IDR 7.155.000

Oslo – IDR 8.732.000

Copenhagen – IDR 8.767.000

Zurich – IDR 8.903.000

Vienna – IDR 9.141.000

Brussels – IDR 9.241.000

Paris – IDR 9.288.000

Stockholm – IDR 9.348.000

Munich – IDR 9.603.000

Rome – IDR 9.637.000

Frankfurt – IDR 9.811.000


Business Class

Bangkok – IDR 10.637.000

Phuket – IDR 13.283.000

Guangzhou – IDR 15.142.000

Beijing & Shanghai – IDR 18.232.000

Moscow – IDR 30.504.000

Promo Breakdown:

For business class, these are the only prices we felt that is good enough to broadcast though all of the destinations have it available if you might want to check. Most of the dates that have this prices are after August and mostly in the months of September and October.

Holiday Mulu Opinion:

The single destination that just took our breath away is Moscow. To get to Moscow and back for only 7 Jt is extremely good. Other destinations in Europe are also quite cheap. While the prices to Asia are below average, we feel that you can get better prices with the upcoming Singapore Airlines Travel Fair!

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