Singapore Airlines Economy Class Flight Review: Jakarta to Hong Kong

by The Wandering Baldy | 6 March 2018

This was the start of my December trip to Hong Kong, Shanghai and Taiwan. I basically planned my whole trip so I can fly back home from Taiwan. More explanation is given below.



I had some expiring miles with EVA air for a one way ticket, so I redeemed it for Taipei to Jakarta but I still needed flights to get there. Before Taipei, I had to stop by Hong Kong and one way tickets are almost always better to redeem rather than to buy. One way tickets are generally more expensive than a return ticket and you cannot get it during promos and deals. Beause of this, it was smarter for me to redeem Krisflyer miles for the flight to Hong Kong.


Flight from Jakarta to Singapore


I got the Boeing 777-300 older version seats. Even though it is not the newest, it was still very comfortable to sit on. The material is a little rundown but it had a silkiness to it that was just a pleasure to touch.

Seat pitch is plenty and recline is great. I can stretch my legs and have a comfortable position to take a short nap.

Holiday Mulu Tip: The one thing to pay attention to when picking seats on this flight or boeing of this kind, is that seat H, D and C in economy has a big metal box on the foot space and that does play a huge difference as it took almost half of the space.



Headphones were passed out before boarding. Blankets was also given which very nice for a short flight, as the air got a little colder when we were cruising in the sky.


Entertainment System

They have an older style display with no touchscreen for this aircraft. It had enough new shows that could keep me entertained for the short period of time. One thing to note is that there is no usb plugs to charge unlike the new aircrafts. The remote was also beside the seats and it could get in the way sometimes.



Hot towels were given before meal time.

The shining star of SQ – their food.

The choice for that flight was sausage and eggs or chinese noodles. I chose the chinese noodles with an egg (and it was yum!) and little did I know, they also had the SQ signature Satay along with the noodles. I have tried these Satay in Business Class and I have to admit even though I can taste the difference in quality (obviously…). But flavor wise, this satay in economy class was still enjoyable. They have nailed down the understanding that our tastebuds are more numb on the air as their food has always been seasoned to perfection.



I had this particular stewardess that did not smile the entire flight. Despite this demeanor, she was quick to respond and laid the whole flight smoothly that I had not a thing to complain about. I am just surprised to encounter an SQ stewardess lacking that usual warm aura. (Personal thoughts: I think that it is important to remember that stewardess are also ordinary people, they might be having a bad day or even a hard week but as long as they get the job done like in this flight, there really is nothing to complain about.)



Before I knew it, we were beginning to descend after the food service was done. There was a little shakiness during landing and some people were actually gasping (I always find it funny when this happens).


My Short Layover in Singapore

Because I had a pretty long layover in Singapore, I chose to explore the city for a little bit. Here are some tips that could help you too if you are just staying for one night or a few hours:

1) WIFI – If you really need internet like I did, I reccomend getting a wifi router from Changi Reccomends, present in all the terminals for SGD 10 for a day, this is cheaper than getting a tourist sim card if it is just for a short period of time.

3) Luggage storage – If you are carrying a heavy carry-on that is just impossible to lug around, you can store a small cabin luggage for 8 dollars per 24 hours at smarte carte in all of the terminals. This service is open 24 hours and I even got mine for half price because I was only keeping it until the evening!

4) Klook – If you are deciding to go to any attractions in Singapore when you are there, there is this magical thing called KLOOK where you can buy tickets and more for cheaper. I saved a few bucks booking Disneyland in Japan through them once!


Flight from Singapore to Hong Kong



Upon entering the plane, I noticed how pretty the colors are on this aircraft and even have two different color schemes on the 2 economy class cabins. The first cabin being a little colder with blue and dark grey, the second being warmer with cream and light grey. I couldn’t stop staring at these beautiful seats.

It is as comfortable as it looks? Absolutely. The material wasn’t as smooth as the previous flight but the cushion was more supportive perhaps for it being newer.

The problem I faced with the previous seats of the metal box in the foot space was not apparent here. They did have a metal box but it was a size of a file having no effect whatsoever.

The recline was equally as good or maybe even better. The fact that nobody was behind me also helped me recline to the max without feeling guilty 😬. I recommend sitting at the third last row with nobody behind you if you don’t mind sitting at the back of the plane (It is know that the airflow is worse the more behind you go on a plane).

All the seats also came with a pillow and blanket.


Entertainment System

This was an upgrade from the previous flight.The remote is right below the screen so that makes things easier for me and there is a USB plug to charge. We milenials would freak at something as small as this (of course not publicly). The system itself is the same across all their aircrafts as this is not dependent on the hardware.



Because it was a longer flight, they gave us menus and it had an extensive selection of drinks and two choices of the main course.

Having sit in the back…… The chicken obviously ran out and I had to eat noodles for the second time, not that I minded 😂. The beef noodles were good but not as delicious as the chinese noodles with Satay that I had earlier in the day.

Singapore sling. Never a wrong selection in SQ unless you hate sweet cocktails.

They also gave our Magnum Ice cream for dessert. Definitely a treat for dessert when you are high above the sky.

After all these years of flying with Singapore Airlines, I just realized that they have a public valve for drinking water… 



Alas, the smiling SQ stewardess appeared on this flight. She was very very friendly ala SQ. There was a lot of things going on such as a whole row seating at their incorrect seats and she handled it very well while still smiling. When she saw me taking pictures, she even kindly asked if I wanted a picture of myself. Of course, I didn’t want one 😛


Holiday Mulu Opinion

I don’t think you could ever go wrong with Singapore Airlines: service is always efficient and a lot of times above and beyond, food is always trustworthy and seats are never uncomfortable. Most of the time when I do not use Singapore Airlines is because of their higher prices at times and the fact that I have to do a short transit in Singapore when I can just buy a direct ticket to the destination I am going.

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