Qatar Hot Deals from Bali & Singapore: Norway – 7.1 jt & other Europe Cities!

by The Wandering Baldy | 8 May 2018

Awesome tickets to Europe! Prices from Jakarta with Qatar are more expensive, so going through Singapore or Bali reduces the prices significantly while giving you a chance to transit too!

Buy from/Beli dari:
Date of Issue: Until 16 May 2018
Travel Dates: Until June for Bali & Until Nov for Singapore

Best Prices (Nett)(Return/PP)

Economy Class

Singapore -> Oslo, Norway -> Singapore

IDR 7.125.000 ~ 677.80 SGD

Bali -> Stockholm -> Bali

IDR 8.692.000

Bali -> Frankfurt -> Bali

IDR 9.218.900

Bali -> Kyiv -> Bali

IDR 9.263.000

Bali -> Paris -> Bali

IDR 9.434.000

Singapore to Oslo Return tickets

Bali to Stockholm Return tickets

Promo Breakdown: 

For Bali, there is only a few dates in May & June. For Singapore, most of the dates are in September, October and November with a few in May and June. You can go through google flights to easily find the cheap dates before buying it in Qatar’s website.

Holiday Mulu Opinion:

Even with a return trip to Singapore, this might the cheapest way to Norway. The closest alternative is Thai to Norway is at 8.5 jt but Qatar might suit you more as you can spend time transiting in Singapore and with a budget ticket to Singapore, it is still cheaper! The destinations from Bali is also signifcantly cheaper than departing from Jakarta!

Nordmarka Lake, Oslo, Norway

Detil Promo:
Untuk Bali, hanya ada beberapa tanggal di bulan Mei & Juni. Untuk Singapore kebanyakan tanggalnya ada di bulan September, Oktober dan November dan beberapa ada di bulan Mei dan Juni. Kamu bisa menggunakan google flights untuk menemukan tanggal yang murah dengan mudah sebelum membelinya di website Qatar

Opini Holiday Mulu:
Walaupun dengan tiket pulang ke Singapore, ini menjadi cara termurah untuk pergi ke Norway. Alternatif terdekat dengan naik Thai ke Norway dengan harga 8.5 jt, tapi Qatar mungkin lebih mending karena kamu bisa menghabiskan waktu transit di Singapore dengan ticket budget ke Singapore, tetap lebih murah! Keberangkatan dari Bali juga berbeda jauh daripada keberangkatan dari Jakarta.



*Holiday Mulu cannot guarantee the availability of flights in the deals we share as the availability of seats at these prices constantly changes. Often, not all dates are available and requires some research to find cheap dates. If we notice any patterns on when the cheap dates are, we will write it down in the Promo Breakdown.

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