Marriott Yogyakarta Hotel Review: A Good and Solid Hotel

by The Wandering Baldy | 24 February 2018

After completed my stay at The Phoenix MGallery by Sofitel Yogyakarta Hotel, I decided that I just had to try out the first Marriott Brand Hotel in Indonesia (Not JW Marriott or others, solely Marriott). So that is when I moved to this hotel for two nights.


I booked with Marriott’s mobile app and got an opening rate of IDR 1.050.000 for a Deluxe Twin bed Room, as they were extremely newly opened. This Marriott was also the first Marriott Hotel opened in Indonesia with the MARRIOTT brand (not JW Marriott or other brands). I was signed up for the Marriott Rewards September’s MegaBonus promotion that required 2 stays to get a free night at any Marriott property with a Category 1-5. One of the perks of booking through Marriott and being a part of Marriott Rewards. I completed the second stay at JW Marriott Surabaya Hotel 😀.



Unfortunately, this is one of the aspects of this hotel that they fall short. They are located in the Codongcatur area which is pretty far from the center at around 6 km from the center of the city. But one thing great about this location is that they are adjacent to Hartono Mall Yogyakarta which is very convenient for a decent meal, shopping or getting essentials if you forgot to pack something. I guess if you are renting a car or a drier, this should not be a big problem.




This picture was not taken during check-in

During check-in, there was a group of guests that were in one big group and they were taking a while checking in as they probably have a lot of rooms to sort out. I waited for around 15 minutes until I realized that there were some staff that seemed half busy. I wondered why they did not assist me as it would take only 2 or 3 minutes checking me in. After a while, I got impatient and just headed to one of the staff which they asked me to wait for a few minutes and then checked me in. It might have been resolved earlier if I approached them but it seemed that they could’ve taken notice of me beforehand.



I head to my room and the first impression was how clean everything looked. A great guarantee of staying at most new hotels.

Everything was designed very modern chic which was somehow typical of a Marriott Hotel look. I booked the 2 queen beds for this room but you can also have the option of a king bed. The Beds are comfortable enough with no complaints plus the rooms are really big especially with the look of the open bathroom.

A nice sitting area to lounge and a perfect height to work on the stool.

They had a welcome platter of Bakpia, chocolate and Jamu (Javanese herbal drink) ready for me when I entered the room. It was nice with the fact that they had even written my name in white chocolate on a leaf.

The bathroom when it is fully closed

As you can see from the picture of the room that the bathroom is opened partially, making the room look bigger (but scaring people of how open the bathroom is if you are staying with friends or your parents!). Fortunately, you can close the doors and it would be almost fully opaque. The bathroom is quite spacious for the room size and has a modern and sleek look to it. They had really good showers with high pressure water and for some reason, this really stood out to me.



I only had time to check out their facilities only at night so it was all empty. They had three pools of different depth and size. It seemed like it would be perfect for anyone especially families with different aged children. Two of them were “almost” infinity pools with a glass fence holding off the ledge.

The lounging area had tons of seatings for you to soak up the sun while taking in the views of the city.

Entrance to the gym

Their gym has a few cardio options, a few assisted machines and a free weight area. Enough for a really good workout. They also provide you towel service with complimentary bottled water.

This was by far the chicest locker room I have seen before.

They also had a lounge right beside their lobby. Seems like a pretty comfortable place to work.

Or for more serious work, this would be a better place in the lobby if you need to get out of your room to work like I do. (Random Note: am I weird for not being able to work in an enclosed space alone or do some of you guys also feel the same?)

*Their Taman Sari restaurant is not open yet as they are still in the phase of the “Soft Opening”.



Their breakfast was at the main restaurant in the lobby, Yogyakarta Kitchen. The spread was a whole bunch of selections but mostly intercontinental food and less Indonesian.

Indonesian Sweets


Cold Cuts stations

Condiments for oatmeal

Salad station

Noodle station

Pancake Station

Juice Station

Egg Station

I loved the juice bar with all sorts of fruits and the waffle/pancake station also had ridiculous amounts of topping (yum!).

It was still a fantastic spread for a hotel breakfast. I would probably take the breakfast offer again if I stayed here just because of how inexpensive it is. Though probably by the second morning, I would rather head out and find a more interesting breakfast for a more local experience. For some, I understand nothing beats the convenience of heading down to your room and having this breakfast buffet right before you. So it really depends on what you are looking for.

M Club Lounge

On the second night, I passed by their M Club lounge several times and my curiosity got the best of me so I upgraded my room to a club room.. 🙃

All the basic business needs such as printing and suit pressing are included. They do not have breakfast at the lounge yet, due to the “soft opening” and their light lunch is served at The Lounge located in the lobby. The female staff in the lounge reception was extremely friendly and noticeably friendlier than the other staff in the hotel.

It was pretty empty when I got there. Seats are plentiful as they have two separate rooms: one for dining and one for lounging. This picture is the lounging room.

You get 2 hours free of the meeting room for that heavy discussion with your business partners or clients.

I came for the evening cocktails and snacks. For that moment, they had basic liquors and a selection of 1 white wine and 1 red wine to order but they explained that they would have a more extensive selection once the grand opening happens. I order a pinot noir and whiskey, both tasted pretty decent but nothing special.

In the cracker section, there was a spinach chip that I kept on taking because it was so addicting! The spinach chip was so oily that it defeated the purpose of eating a vegetable chip (haha but who cares!). They had a good selection of cheese with nuts and fruits. I did not try their hot food but the cakes were alright. Nothing really stood out from the lounge but nothing really disappoint either (just like their breakfast).

Definitely worth it only if you are planning to spend most of your day at the hotel. They have enough food to fill you up as breakfast, lunch and dinner is served in the lounge after the grand opening. If you are going to take advantage of all this and their business services, definitely get the club benefits if you are here on business. Otherwise, you won’t really miss out on anything.



The only time that they had a flaw was the check-in incident, leaving me waiting for around 20 minutes only to find out that it is because they did not realize I was there. Other than that, service was more than pleasant. The welcome food platter in the room was a nice touch and the staff around the club lounge was especially attentive (asking if I needed another drink when my face was already extremely red after 2 glasses, that asian glow).


Holiday Mulu Opinion

For the first Hotel that has the Marriott Hotel brand in Indonesia, I would say that they did not disappoint. It does have a more corporate hotel kind of feel though. Coming from The Phoenix Hotel Yogyakarta, it sure was a different experience. I would recommend this hotel if you are here for business, visiting family or a purpose that does not include going around the city and relaxing. The location is a little too far off from everywhere but if you are renting a car or driver, then it should not matter much.

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