Malaysian Airlines Flight Deals: KL – 1 jt & other Destinations!

by The Wandering Baldy | 21 March 2018

Malaysian Airlines is having one of their regular sale and the best prices are gotten from Dwidaya Tours. Though not all of the prices are splendid, some of them are quite a steal!

(Holiday Mulu cannot guarantee the availability of flights in the deals we share as the availability of seats at these prices constantly changes. Often, not all dates are available and requires some research to find cheap dates. If we notice any patterns on when the cheap dates are, we will write it down in the Promo Breakdown below.)


Buy from/Beli dari:

Date of Issue: Until End of March 2018

Travel Dates: Until 14 Dec 2018



Best Prices (Nett)(Return/PP)

Economy Class

Kuala Lumpur – IDR 986.300

Singapore – IDR 1.712.200

Hong Kong – IDR 2.993.800

Shanghai – IDR 4.118.500

Seoul – IDR 4.881.500

Tokyo (Narita) – IDR 4.859.600

Perth -IDR 5.145.500

Melbourne – IDR 6.065.200

Sydney – IDR 6.141.800

London – IDR 9.165.700


Promo Breakdown:

The cheapest prices we got are from Dwidaya Tours even compared to Malaysia Air’s own website. You can buy the tickets through Dwidaya’s website or one of their branches (phoning or directly going there). We cannot confirm the Date of Issue but that was the date that Dwidaya gave us.


Holiday Mulu Opinion:

The prices to Kuala Lumpur, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Seoul are quite good though the other cities especially in China and Australia. Some of these destinations will have a cheaper alternative with Philippines airlines (our next post).

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