Travel Fairs can be very confusing to someone who has no idea what to expect. When we first started going to travel fairs, we were constantly angry and confused on the hidden terms and conditions that is not always made public. Through Holiday Mulu, you can rest assure that we will give you a clear picture on each travel fair on the very first day it opens. Here are some tips from us so that you can prepare yourself before a travel fair.


Partnership between banks.

Most travel fairs will partner with a bank to get cashback. Certain airlines will mostly partner up with the same bank (The usual combos are: Singapore Airlines + BCA or Malaysia Airlines + Maybank). These cashback usually have a tier of minimum spend (Example: Rp 5,000,000 minimum spend getting you Rp 500,000 cash back, Rp 10,000,000 minimum spend getting you Rp 1.200.000 and so on). From our experiences, there are also times where they will even partner up with the location or mall that they are having the fair at. You would have to spend a certain amount in the mall to get the cashback, but it is sometimes worth the value.

We at Holiday Mulu are determined to give a an open explanation and breakdown for all of the travel fairs. We will attend it the day when it opens or even gather information about it days before. Rest assured, the Travel Fair Calendar will supply you the information that you need.


Coming early is usually the best bet to get cashback.

Travel Fairs will have a quota each day on how many cashbacks they can give to customers. They will sometimes not advertise this but only announce it on the day of the travel fair. Because of this, the safest way is to come as early as possible in order to be included in the quota for the cashback.


Advertised prices are sometimes not actual prices.

We use the word "sometimes" because there are times where the prices are accurate. The other times, the prices that are publicly advertised are already after the cashback or even before all the taxes and fees. The prices can be very different depending on the tickets. Sometimes the actual prices can be up to twice the advertised prices. Holiday Mulu is guaranteed to give you a clear and actual pricing to all travel fairs.