Each flight you take with an airline could give you miles and each night stay at a hotel could give you points. These miles and points will give you value once you have enough of them to redeem for a free night stay at a hotel or a free flight. This benefits both the company and us as it keeps us being loyal to them and in return, we get rewarded. We at Holiday Mulu will teach you on how you can rack up on these points and miles in order for you to get the best values for your travels. Here are some basic ways:


Be Loyal to an airlines or hotel group.

This is the most basic idea but being loyal to a certain airline or hotel group can help you in the long run. If you travel often, the points or miles will rack up without you even realizing it and soon enough, you can use it for a free flight or a free night stay at a hotel.
Be sure to sign up for promos for hotel groups. Hotel groups such as Starwood Preferred Guest have regular promos that will allow to earn more points than usual. Holiday Mulu will consistently share these kind of promos every single time there is one.


Make sure you check your flight ticket class

For airlines, even within the same seat class (Economy, Business, First), there are different fare class that determines how many percent of the actual miles flown will be credited to your account. Sometimes paying a higher fare class (nothing to do with economy or business class) with only a slight price difference might get you more mileage and this might be more worth it in the long run. Unfortunately, for extremely cheap travel fairs and deals, the tickets might earn very low miles or even none at all.


Own a credit card that has a good mileage program

The best way to save up miles for airline mileage program is to utilize a credit card that has a good mileage conversion from the money you spend using that card. CIMB Niaga’s World Card can get you 1 Krisflyer (Singapore Airlines) mile for every Rp 5,000 you spend. A trick to utilize your card as much as possible is to pay for things that you usually pay with cash. One example was when I was in college in Los Angeles, I could utilize a good credit card to pay for tuition and earn so much miles for a return ticket back to Indonesia every semester. Another way could be for your business or work, things that you would usually use cash could sometimes be changed to spending it with your credit card instead.


For a deeper explanation for these credit cards, read our Introductory Guide to Mileage Earning Credit Cards