Here are some information and tips regarding the deals that we share so that you can understand it well and be guaranteed to get the cheapest prices. (Since we are based in Indonesia, most of the deals we share are going to be departing from Indonesia or the countries around it).


We do not sell anything.

Each deal that we share are solely informational as we are not agents that sells the tickets. We usually refer you to a certain travel agent in Indonesia because we have researched which travel agents have the best pricing for that certain deal. It is your choice to choose the travel agents we suggest or your own prefered travel agent. Sometimes we might tell you yo get it from the airline’s website or a certain website like directly.


We break it down for you (No hidden taxes or fees).

Everything that you read from our shared deals are clear explanations. Sometimes, travel agents will put a very small print at the bottom saying “Excluding taxes and fees”. There is no hidden fees or taxes in our information as we have researched the final prices. Some promos will have complicated terms which we will then explain clearly so that you will not have any negative surprises during the purchase!


Lowest prices depends on seat availability.

Because of this, we suggest for you to act fast and buy the tickets. Usually ticket prices will not go down even further but instead prices will go up once the availability becomes lesser. We cannot guarantee you seats but if you are patient enough to find a certain date, you can usually find the prices. This brings me to the next point.


Be very flexible.

For you to get the best deals, most of the deals are date sensitive. One day difference in the tickets can cause a huge different in pricing. So during these promos, we recommend for you to be very flexible in your travel dates, BUT you can always try your luck if you have a certain date already set. Another general fact is that promos are usually during low seasons but this differs for each promo.