Hong Kong Airlines Economy Class Review: Hong Kong to Shanghai

by The Wandering Baldy | 26 April 2018

I had no plans to go to Shanghai when I started planning my December trip. Though a week before I left for the trip, one of my friends asked me to come to Shanghai and since I had another friend who was living there, I thought why not!

@JessnDee talked about Hong Kong Airlines and how she is taking the business class from shanghai to Hong Kong. Before that conversation, I had no idea what was Hong Kong Airlines. Turns out it flies to Indonesia too but only Denpasar, Bali…



I looked up the fares and it was one of the cheaper way to get to Shanghai from Hong Kong and I really wanted to try this new airlines, so it was a no-brainer for me. I bought a Return-Trip ticket for HKD 1,422 which roughly translates to IDR 2.5 Jt. Not exactly budget though not overpriced considering this was in the middle of December.



I previously checked-in online, which is quite rare for me, but it saved me a lot of time seeing how the economy class lines were so long.

So all I had to do was go to one of the ample amount of automatic check-in machines and everything was done smoothly.

Unfortunately, my flight’s time was delayed one hour. It was printed on the ticket but because I checked-in through the machine, I had no idea until I reached the boarding gate 🤦‍♂️. They said that they had to change aircraft at the last minute from a A330-200 to a A330-300. The only difference between these aircraft is the total seat capacity on the plane.

The business check-in class area was very sheltered off into a different space and it was done very exclusively.



We boarded on time When we boarded, we went through the gate check but the unusual part was when we waited again before entering the plane. Though It did not take long, it is just something not common.

One by one we boarded.. Since I was one of the first to board, I noticed how every was so RED especially when it was empty. Like REALLY red.

Even the overhead compartment was in their colors. Such dedication to the theme.

It started out with the seats, then I noticed the floors, slowly the walls popped out as red and finally when I sat, even the seat belts were red.

But guess what? I actually kind of enjoyed this red galore. It’s kind of an eye-catching color but it brought a sort of brightness to the cabin and bringing me a rush of energy.


The seats itself were a good size. Though, one thing that was outstanding was the reclining ability. It was surprisingly low and especially as the flat buttrest slides forwards along with the backrest sliding backwards. This motion makes the seat even lower. I researched and found out it reaches until 115 Degrees which is as low as SQ. It felt very comfortable even for a few hours nap. Though because of the low recline, I felt my front space was tightened when the seat in front of me reclined to the fullest.

The legroom was towards the roomy side. At 31 inch, it is 1 inch shorter than SQ, definitely still sufficient and a good length.

The unreclined tray table

It was kind of hard working on the tray table as it became really close to me. It is a sacrifice that I am willing to make for a low recline seat.

The screen was a good average size and the system have the newest movies, which I enjoy. The selection was somehow similar to SQ. I even continued watching a movie that was a continuation of what was in SQ. The touch screen however was not very responsive but the remote worked better.



The option for breakfast was an omelette or some chinese noodles. Since I was not in the mood for eggs, I opted for the asian selection. It came with a flavored yoghurt, a bread roll and water. It’s quite straightforward and simple. The taste in itself was not outstanding in any way though it was still good enough to finish. The dumpling and siewmai tasted like the frozen kind but even some dimsum restaurants started to use frozen products anyways right? I was offered tea or coffee after, which I think the tea tasted very authentic and delicious.



The service was okay. There really is no other way to put it. On one hand, it was efficient and everybody was served well, but on another hand, you could somehow feel that it was not a warm service. To some, including me, having great service in Economy is a plus and not a requirement – but as long as they get the job done well.


Holiday Mulu Opinion

It was quite pleasant in terms of seats, cabin and price but average in some other aspects. I would totally fly with them again as long as the price is right. If they start flying to Jakarta and offers a cheaper option, why not. If you put them head to head with Garuda and Cathay Pacific, the two direct flights to Hong Kong, I doubt I would choose them if the price is almost the same. Though it is still a great option if you are flying to other destinations from Hong Kong

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