Garuda Online Travel Fair 2018: London – 9.5 jt & other Destinations!

by The Wandering Baldy | 4 May 2018

Garuda is having their online travel fair, the prices are very similar to their previous travel fair last month at JCC. Get your tickets now if you have missed out on the one before! Plus the cashbacks are just amazing this time, from 3.5 jt discounts for destinations such as London, Amsterdam and some other!

Buy from/Beli dari:
Date of Issue: Until 3 – 9 May 2018
Travel Dates: 3 May 2018 – 31 March 2019
Departing from: Jakarta, Indonesia

Best Prices (Nett)(Return/PP)
Economy Class
International Flights

Kuala Lumpur – IDR 1.363.900
Singapore – IDR 1.623.800
Guangzhou – IDR 4.459.600
Seoul – IDR 4.842.000
Osaka – IDR 4.973.700
Bangkok – IDR 5.246.400
Beijing – IDR 5.447.400
Perth – IDR 5.469.000
Sydney – IDR 6.479.000
London – IDR 9.554.400
Amsterdam – IDR 9.558.100

Business Class
Kuala Lumpur – IDR 7.113.900
Singapore – IDR 7.923.800
Guangzhou – IDR 12.404.600
Seoul – IDR 15.567.000
Osaka – IDR 17.463.700
Bangkok – IDR 9.154.600
Beijing – IDR 16.847.400
Perth – IDR 19.703.600
Sydney – IDR 22.046.000
London – IDR 36.037.200
Amsterdam – IDR 35.990.800

Domestic Flights

Economy Class
Palembang – IDR 894.000
Jogjakarta – IDR 1.174.500
Surabaya – IDR 1.198.000
Malang – IDR 1.352.400
Bali – IDR 1.406.000
Medan – IDR 1.645.000
Balikpapan – IDR 1.560.000
Lombok – IDR 1.851.100
Sorong – IDR 2.810.000

Business Class
Palembang – IDR 2.680.400
Jogjakarta – IDR 2.715.600
Surabaya – IDR 3.578.400
Malang – IDR 3.576.600
Bali – IDR 4.202.200
Medan – IDR 5.292.600
Balikpapan – IDR 4.840.200
Lombok – IDR 4.129.200
Sorong – IDR 9.489.200


Economy Class to Surabaya

Economy Class to Bali

Business Class to Sydney

Economy Class to Bangkok

Economy Class to London

Economy Class to Hong Kong

Cashback Details

Promo Breakdown:
They only have cashback for BNI Credit Card holders, the quota and details is in the last slide. To get the cashback, you have to purchase it during the Happy Hours of 9-11 AM and 8-10 PM. Also a midnight Happy Hour on the 5th and 6th of May until the quota runs out. You will have to purchase it with a BNI Credit Card and during payment, you input your BNI card and if the cashback quota is still available, their will be a pop-up and deduction in price. If this does not happen, it means the quota has run out.

Holiday Mulu Verdict:
The prices are very similar to the previous Garuda Travel Fair but the cashback is so much better for this one! You can get 950,000 off for destinations such as Bali and SIngapore and 3.5 Jt off Amsterdam and London, We call that a steal! Be sure to consider buying these tickets if you are a regular Garuda customer.


*Holiday Mulu cannot guarantee the availability of flights in the deals we share as the availability of seats at these prices constantly changes. Often, not all dates are available and requires some research to find cheap dates. If we notice any patterns on when the cheap dates are, we will write it down in the Promo Breakdown below.

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