CIMB Niaga World Card Review: Why it’s Good for Krisflyers

by The Wandering Baldy | 1 March 2018

For those of you who are new to Miles earning credit card, you can read the whole explanation and guide located in the footer under “Introductory Guide”. We wrote it for you to maximize the return on your spending! To simplify it, it is basically using credit cards that will give you the most miles on money you spend on the card. Imagine that! You are essentially getting free airline miles for the money you are already spending!

I have been using the CIMB Niaga World Card for almost 6 months now and I can officially say that it is my go-to cards for almost all transaction internationally and domestically. I would LOVE to share why I love this card and maybe why it may be suitable for you.


Who is this for?

1. Hardcore Krisflyer Members

Each IDR 5.000 spent on the card give you 2 “Xtra Points” and then you can exchange every 2 “Xtra Points” for 1 Krisflyer Miles. To break it down, the Money to Mile conversion is IDR 5,000 = 1 miles. Unfortunately, this good mile conversion is only valid for converting to Krisflyer miles, while other airlines has way worse Money to Mile conversion for this card.

2. International Travelers

From the purchases I have done abroad, one thing safe about this card is their foreign exchange rates. Compared to market price, the exchange rate that CIMB Niaga charges me on my international purchases has always been decent and the fact that it is a Mastercard instead of a visa also improved foreign exchange rates (experience from owning both the Platinum Mastercard and Visa).

Cardholders also get travel insurance if you purchase tickets using the card. It is stated in the website that “You will also automatically get travel accident insurance and travel inconvenience insurance for every purchase of travel tickets with CIMB Niaga World MasterCard”. I have not personally used this insurance but it sounds like if the delay was long enough to produce inconvenience, there is a chance CIMB Niaga will help you with that.

3. Domestic Spenders

Some other cards have a Money to Mile conversion of IDR 7.000 = 1 mile for transactions in Rupiah and then a better rate of IDR 3.500 = 1 mile for International transactions in foreign currency. This is the only card that has a conversion of IDR 5.000 = 1 miles for both domestic and international transaction. While other banks actually do have better conversion for international purchases (transactions in foreign currency), CIMB Niaga World Card currently has the best conversion for all purchases. So this card is perfect for all around purchases but especially for domestic purchases – the reason why I use this card most of the time.


Who is this NOT for?

1. Low spenders

This card has an annual fee of 3 jt. Because of this, it is important to calculate how much you spend a year and whether that will ultimately be worth it. I calculated that in order to get your 3 jt back, you need to spend above 150 jt a year. That 150 jt will get you 30,000 Krisflyer miles, which can get you a return ticket to Hong Kong. Return tickets to hong kong are around 3 jt for Singapore Airlines during promo. So any amount you spend above the 150 jt a year would be consider a bonus, if not, this card might not be for you.

2. Not a Krisflyer member

While this card has a really good Money to Miles conversion at IDR 5,000 = 1 miles for Krisflyer miles, you get a really different Money to Miles conversion for other airlines such as Asiamiles at almost IDR 15.000 = 1 miles. So if you do not use Krisflyer, this is definitely not the card for you.

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