Cathay Pacific May Deals: Taipei – 4.5 jt & other Worldwide Destinations!

by The Wandering Baldy | 9 May 2018

Cathay Pacfic is having their Spring deals! It is still more expensive than their travel fair prices but still good especially if you are buying it for this summer!

(Holiday Mulu cannot guarantee the availability of flights in the deals we share as the availability of seats at these prices constantly changes. Often, not all dates are available and requires some research to find cheap dates. If we notice any patterns on when the cheap dates are, we will write it down in the Promo Breakdown below.)


Please make sure to use the specific links for different destinations because searching through the main search engine in Cathay’s website will not get you the cheapest price.

Buy from/Beli dari

Hong Kong: Click Here

Taipei, Japan, Korea: Click Here

China: Click Here

Europe: Click Here

North America: Click Here


Date of Issue: Until 31 May 2018

Travel Dates: Until 31 Jan 2019

Departing From: Jakarta, Indonesia


Best Prices (Nett)(Return/PP)

*For the full pricelist of all destinations, click here*


Economy Class

Hong Kong – IDR 4.079.600

Taipei – IDR 4.489.900

Guangzhou – IDR 4.559.800

Beijing/Shanghai – IDR 4.758.800

Fukuoka – IDR 5.399.000

Tokyo (Narita) – IDR 5.916.000

Seoul – IDR 5.741.00

SF/LA – IDR 12.670.800

Vancouver – IDR 12.691.200

Paris – IDR 10.219.700

Barcelona – IDR 10.295.000

London (Gatwick) – IDR 10.868.800


Premium Economy Class

Hong Kong – IDR 6.124.500

Vancouver – IDR 22.075.200

San Fransisco – IDR 22.452.200

Los Angeles – IDR 22.666.800

London Gatwick – IDR 17.962.100

Zurich – IDR 18.279.500


Business Class

Taipei – IDR 11.135.900

Guangzhou – IDR 12.424.800

Beijing/Shanghai – IDR 14.362.800

Tokyo (Narita) – IDR 17.866.000

Frankfurt – IDR 35.210.700

Paris – IDR 35.371.900

LA/SF – IDR 43.864.900

Vancouver – IDR 48.587.900

Economy Class Tickets to Hong Kong

Economy Class Ticket to Taipei

Premium Economy Class to London

Business Class to London

Promo Breakdown: 

Buying it from different promo sections in the Cathay Pacific Website will cause different prices to appear. So it is important for you to use the link that we gave you above. The dates are still plenty with even some NEAR Lebaran season (Not during). All flights transit in Hong Kong.

Holiday Mulu Opinion:

Even though these prices are not the cheapest for Cathay Pacfic, most destinations to Asia and California are still pretty good pricing considering Cathay’s quality and trustworthiness (especially for Hong Kong, Taipei, China & LA/SF) though we do suggest to buy another airlines for European destinations unless you are a Cathay Pacific frequent flyer.

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