Business Class Deals to New York

by The Wandering Baldy | 21 March 2018

These are really good Business Class tickets to New York using either Etihad or Qatar. Qatar is cheaper but Etihad has way more dates. Definitely a steal especially at this price!


Buy from/Beli dari: or

Travel Dates: Until Nov 2018


Best Prices (Nett)(Return/PP)

Business Class

Etihad Airways

Jakarta -> NY -> Jakarta

IDR 35.721.000


Qatar Airways

Jakarta -> NY -> Jakarta

IDR 33.439.000


Promo Breakdown:

The easiest way to get the dates is to look through google flights and then book the tickets through the respective airline’s websites. Qatar does not have as much dates at this price as Etihad have almost everyday at this price. They both have dates until November.


Holiday Mulu Opinion:

These are shocking prices for Business Class to New York! Anything lower than 40 Jt is considered lucky but this is even at the lower 30’s! We cannot say when this will end so book your tickets as soon as possible. Hopefully you get the dates that Qatar offers at this price or even getting Etihad’s tickets is obviously still considered very good.

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