BCA Debit Mastercard: Finally Here but Is It Perfect Yet?

by The Wandering Baldy | 10 February 2018

BCA launched their newest debit card with a Mastercard! It is way long due as other banks have already been doing this since ages. Apparently, there is a new rule that every bank in Indonesia has to have a debit card that has either Mastercard or Visa on it. I have to say that this is quite exciting for me to use. Unfortunately, I do not think this card is ready to take full force yet.

The Good

1. Transactions almost EVERYWHERE

Due to the Mastercard logo, this card can be used anywhere without a BCA Debit Card machine anymore. This also means International! I tried using it in London and Tokyo and it worked perfectly fine. The foreign exchange rate is decent but not the best. Though it is for sure usable in times of need when you are in another country.

2. No more traveling with cash

Because I can use this almost anywhere, it also means that I can take out cash anywhere in the world. A lot of the ATM machines around the world is affiliated with mastercard and so this means you can use your BCA debit card and just grab the money you need in the local currency. Don’t need to bring that thick pile of Rupiah or even USD anymore!

Holiday Mulu Tip: Almost always charge the transaction in the foreign currency according to where you are. For example, if you are in Europe, always charge your cards in Euros and never let the local machine convert it to Rupiah beforehand. It is almost always that your card would have a better foreign exchange rate.

The Bad

1. No online purchases!

The ONLY thing that got me excited about this card is that I can finally purchase things online without my credit cards. Unfortunately, I tried it a couple of times and it can never go through, even local online stores such as Tokopedia. This for me is the driving factor on how useful this card is. I talked to the bank and they said that they are working on to making this card possible for online purchases. Until this detail is fixed, I do not think that this is comparable yet to the standard debit cards of western countries.

2. No Flazz in the card

The generation right before this mastercard debit card has a Flazz in the debit card. This meant that I only need to bring 1 card throughout my day to pay for tol and everything else. Now, you the flazz is taken out of the card thus having to carry two cards if you need the flazz function in your day to day life.

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