Batik Air Business Class Review: Jakarta Halim to Yogyakarta

by The Wandering Baldy | 7 February 2018

As time goes, Batik Air has slowly becoming a great alternative for an affordable “full-service” airlines that serves the domestic market, having only Garuda Indonesia as their competitor (though some people would not even consider them to be in the same level). Knowing this, I decided to try out both their economy and business class for each way. Read the rest of this review for their business class product and continue on to my review of Batik Air’s Economy Class.



I booked through their website and their booking system allows people to book tickets each way with a separate price difference. It was IDR 902.000 a fraction of Garuda’s Business class of IDR 2.915.000 (Half of a round trip to Jogja). Clearly, this much be a big deciding factor for people to choose Batik air over Garuda.


Checking in


Business class passengers have their own check-in counter which was empty most of the time. They had a different colored carpet to clearly distinguish between “All flights” and “Business Class”


Batik Air Business Class Halim Lounge

The person in check-in reminded me that I had access to the lounge specially provided for Business Class passengers. It is located after security and screening, right beside another lounge called WhiteSky Executive Lounge.

The lounge had a big “BUSINESS LOUNGE” sign at the front door. Doesn’t say what airlines though? So I assumed it was Batik’s as their are no other airlines in Halim airport with Business Class. 

Not that bad but a little underwhelming right? It was comfortable enough to work with an Ipad in my lap so I couldn’t complain.

I had accessed lounges that required only a credit card and it had better food. The lounge beside this actually looked more well-kept and I was actually able to access it with Priority Pass. Half of their toilet was not working and it wasn’t exactly clean either.

Il I realized that it was really hot in the lounge so I decided I would rather go to a cafe in the general waiting room.

This was my first time flying from Halim (I should travel more domestically!). But I was happy to have found Coffee Bean and realized that the public waiting room was much colder than the lounge!



They were delayed 30 minutes but then I saw the flight information on the screens and it was common for the flights in Halim to be delayed. There was no separation between Business Class passengers boarding with the Economy Class, it was first come first boarding.



This is where they shined. They were quite comfortable and I would consider it a premium seating especially for domestic quality. They were the second domestic business class product only after Garuda. Pretty new leather seats but quite “crinkled” and little stains for it to be only 4 years old.

Legroom is super comfortable. I could stretch my legs fully without any problem.

Their recline ability is comfortable for a short nap but not enough for a full-on after-lunch sleep.

The tv was a good size but the movie selection was a little outdated. I could not complain though, as all of their flight are short and it is sure enough to entertain me for a little while. It was nice that their headphone plugs is a single plug to use for our daily headphones, instead of the two-headed plug of most airlines.

They also had a power outlet for your gadgets.

Overall, their hard seat product is the main pulling point for me to consider flying their Business Class again.

Food and drinks


We were given hot towels when we boarded the plane and a guava tropical tasting drink before we took off.

Not long after we were in the air, it was meal time and our tables were neatly arranged for meal service.

Everybody was given the same thing with no alternative choices. It was a tuna bread that flat for some reason and a fried salty pastry with cream and ham in the middle called Risoles. It was nothing to compliment about but it wasn’t that bad either. Beside it there was chocolate bread and a choice of tea and coffee.



All the flight attendants were quite pleasant. but it felt like I was in Economy Class in an airlines with good service (like Thai Airways) instead of being in Business Class.


Holiday Mulu Opinion

It was an interesting Business Class experience. Think of it as its own league/level between domestic Economy Class seats and Garuda Indonesia’s domestic Business Class. I felt that the hard product (their seats) were very comfortable but their soft product (lounge, service, food and the “magical touches”) still have a very long way to go. Will I fly it again? Why not. But I will have lower expectations along the way but still have a comfortable seat to go through that short domestic flight for only a fraction of Garuda’s Business Class.

For a comparison with the Economy Class, you can read my opinion at my review of Batik Air’s Economy Class

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