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Founded in 2017, Holiday Mulu was conceived through the idea of maximizing your holiday value. The word “Mulu” is a Indonesian slang word that roughly translates to “continuous” so Holiday Mulu means Continuous Holiday!

We are a passionate sibling duo from Indonesia that loves to travel the world and share our experiences so that you could have a Continuous Holiday. Through this website, we share cheap deals, hotel reviews, flight reviews, credit card reviews and all sorts of city guides that will ultimately help you make the best decision when you travel to maximize the money you spend wherever you go. We are not defined by luxury or budget but instead just sharing with you what we think is helpful. Think of us as a travel blog but with an educational value.



Edrick Edsel Wijaya @TheWanderingBaldy

Hi there! I’m Edrick, also known as “The Wandering Baldy” due to my constantly shaven head. You would probably find me both camping in a tent in the middle of a forest or lounging in a Ritz Carlton hotel. My love of traveling is not defined by how luxurious or adventurous the trip is, I just love to feel alive. I travel to fulfill my curiosity about new cultures and widening my understanding of people. Due to my intense passion of globe-trotting and love of writing, I made up my mind to create Holiday Mulu with my sister. This is all to create the life that I love and to share this inspiration. We want to share things that gives you the best value for your travel and inspire you to live a life of your dreams.


Marketing Director

Jessica Wijaya @Jessndee

For me, my passion for traveling started out with me and my husband taking advantage of our baby-less lives, traveling almost every month. We then created bimbi.com during one of our trips to Europe. Honestly, I think by then we felt that we just needed to justify visiting  Europe 3 times in 6 months. Since the arrival of our baby #thetravellingdee two years ago, she has been my constant companion on both my leisure and business trips. My friends would constantly ask me for guides and suggestions for destinations I’ve been to, and I gladly  share with them my tips and any good ticket deals I find. The reason why Holiday Mulu is conceived is because we want to share this knowledge to a much larger audience. So follow us and we will share more deals and destination tips with you.