Batik Air Economy Class Flight Review: Yogyakarta to Jakarta

by The Wandering Baldy | 18 February 2018

After flying Batik Air’s Business Class from Jakarta Halim to Yogyakarta, I decided to fly their Economy Class on the way back to see which was worth it. Here is a little glimpse into my experience.


Checking-in and Boarding

I apparently arrived too early as they were not accepting check-ins yet, even though I arrived within 2 hours before the flight time. There was only 2 check-in counters and that could be the reason why they shortened the time between check-in and flight time to be able to serve all their customers. When the counter opened, everything went smoothly. Boarding also went smoothly with only a short moment of delay (something usual for a domestic flight).




Batik Air’s Economy Class has leather seats just like their Business Class seats though with a darker color scheme and touches of red. The overhead cabin had ample of space even though it wasfull flight, which is constantly a problem in my experience for budget airlines.

The space is good for an average body like me but might be just right if you are bigger. However, leg room was great and a huge improvement from all the budget airlines, it is comparable to full-service airline aircraft with a single alley.

Hey there….

The screen size was a good size but unfortunately, the whole flight’s entertainment system was down… I flew them again a weeks later and everything was working fine. So this was a one off incidents. The system and selection of shows were exactly the same with business class.With the second experience, the movies were a little outdated though the tv shows were pretty good. I mean since they fly short hauls, this was more than enough to keep myself entertained.



We were served no food but since it was somehow late at night, I just had dinner anyways. From the reviews I read from other people, the longer haul flight from Batik Air’s Economy Class do received some sort of meal. The service itself was okay, nothing too outstanding but I don’t expect anything from a domestic short haul flight anyways – as long as the flight attendants are not rude in any way.


Holiday Mulu Opinion

So which one is worth it? Business or Economy Class? I would say both, depends on what you are looking for.

For the Business Class, you get these super comfortable seats with a fraction of the price you pay for Garuda Indonesia’s Business Class. The saying “you get what you pay for” really applies here. You get comfortable seats but lacking all the special touches Garuda has for their Business Class passengers.

For the Economy Class, it was a total winner considering all the other domestic competitors. It was a huge upgrade from Lion air in terms of seat and leg room but with only a small price increase. Though, I do not think it can compete with Garuda’s service and quality even if they market themselves as a “full service” airlines. BUT it sure can be my to-go airlines for really short domestic flights – perfect price to comfort ratio.

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